HRPD's edge

HRPD’s value proposition to its clients is as follows:

  • Experience: With a collective experience of the HRPD team spanning at least 50 years across Indian and global multinationals, HRPD offers rich perspective on people practices across verticals and a network of contacts.
  • Methodology: HRPD invests time to understand the client organization, its culture and its people needs while at the same time recognizing the client’s need for urgency to offer well-fitting HR solutions & behavioural training programs, servicing talent needs, delivered with high integrity and quality.
  • Service Delivery: HRPD delivers its services by experienced HR practitioners with a practical hands-on approach to understand and lay the foundations of an organization’s HR systems or enhance the same as needed.  
  • Sourcing model: HRPD sources its candidates from a healthy mix of active job seekers as well as locating appropriately fitting ones not necessarily seeking change, not just through off-the-shelf databases but also from a deep network of contacts and industry references.
  • Operational Model: Our operational model is based on professional but with personalized attention, very organized, systematic and yielding time bound results.
  • Flexible Model: HRPD understands that every Client has different needs and HRPD is open and capable to create a flexible implementation model to become Client’s extended HR arm.
  • Communication management: Maintains all available communication channels to provide timely and accurate services.
  • Reports and Feedback Mechanism: Provides regular and periodic reports on HR operations with active feedback mechanism as described in the proposal